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* Hänsel* i Gretel* is aimed at creating an open, critical and plural debate on the cultural model which we want to enhance in order to shed some light on the new cultural city of Barcelona.

* To provide clarity to a web of nodes and juxtapositions with other European cities in order to create a dialogue about the uses, languages, tools and spaces of the city as a cultural organism.

* We aim at starting a project of additions where the players of the cultural community add their voices to an extensive project which is defined by the richness in the exchange of ideas. With the addition of voices, we seek to generate a new framework of reference where new objectives and commitments can be set.

* To highlight that culture should be a determining factor in the concern of the policy-making of the city and the centre of decisions.

* Today Hänsel* i Gretel* is made up of architects, set designers, writers, visual artists, playwrights, actors, dancers, singers, graphic designers, video game programmers, cultural managers, curators, critics, scholars … A cultural community which wants to help position and display itself in our city.

* We want to become a space for the creation, production and preservation of the reflection around culture and the city. For this reason we invite everyone to share ideas, projects, accomplishments and relationships in a somewhat large mural where shared interests can be hung. It is a matter of creating a file of the immediate, of the non-persistent, which combats, transforms and drives.

* We want to draw awareness to the break between aesthetics, thinking of ideas and politics, field for communal discussion. We consider it essential to claim greater attention and commitment from politics, so that decisions are made in favour of culture.

* Hänsel* i Gretel* wants to contribute to the spread of new cultural realities and become the machine of sensitivity.

* Hänsel* i Gretel* presents itself as a forest with no owner or warden, as a meeting point which is plural, diverse and committed to respect the ideas of others. We are committed to value the effort involved in the success and failure of our creators.

Llucià Homs and Fèlix Riera
October 2015


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